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Up Front Counselling for Court

Julie Freedman Professional Counselling Services provides specialized counseling for clients with pending legal, criminal or family difficulties.  We work with clients from diverse backgrounds, providing professional and confidential services to address a wide range of needs such as trauma, stress, domestic violence, partner assault, mental health, alcohol and substance abuse, anger issues, road rage, shoplifting, fraud, work related stress and job performance.  Confidential counseling is available within 24 hours of contact.   

Anger Management Group Programs are psycho-educational and run on an open basis, which means a person can join the group at any time.  We have no waiting lists and provide attendance verification and completion certificates or letters for bail hearings, pre-trial and sentencing procedures.  Clients are often seen within 24 hours after first contact or referral. Our fees are on a sliding scale - geared to income basis. 

Julie Freedman and Associates.  All counselors are registered with their Professional Colleges.  They have Masters or PhD level education.  In addition, Domestic Abuse counselors have had extensive training in Ministry of the Attorney General Partner Assault Response (PARS) programs.

Group Programs are offered weekly; they are open and ongoing.  Private individual counseling sessions are available Monday - Sunday by appointment.  416 901-4600

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