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Partner Assault Response PAR Program

Domestic Violence Counselling for Women & Men

This is an individual counselling program for men and women who have been violent or have been physically or verbally abusive towards a spouse/partner.

The purpose of domestic violence intervention counseling is to help stop abusive and controlling behaviours. Participants are engaged in self-exploration and structured exercises to help them examine their beliefs and behaviours. Psycho-education is an important aspect of the Partner Assault Response - PAR counselling. Participants learn more appropriate ways to resolve family conflict; approaches that do not involve violence or threats.


  • Comfortable and therapeutic atmosphere
  • Counselling not in a group setting – convenience
  • Flexible counseling schedule
  • Follow-up and maintenance support available  
  • Letters are provided upon successful completion
  • Convenient location in mid-town Toronto


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Domestic Violence Partner Inervention Counseling, PAR Counseling

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