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Anger Management Classes

Stress, Conflict and Anger Management Expertise in Toronto 

Employment Situation?  Personal Issues? Court Ordered?  We can help.  

Facilitator Bio

Julie Freedman, MA, RSW, Ph.D. (c) is a seasoned professional who has worked successfully with hundreds of men, women and teens who struggled with managing stress and anger. Over the past 17 years she has offered innovative programs that helped clients develop and significantly improve their anger management skills.

Julie is a registered member of the Human Resources Professionals Association and the Ontario College of Social Work.  Julie is also a Professional Adviser for Bereaved Families of Toronto. 

Anger Management 
Individual One-to-One Sessions   
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Short Intensive or Flexible Longer Program  
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Anger Help classes suitable for someone seeking personal development?
Yes, many people attend classes for personal  or professional development.  Helpful for anyone dealing with their own or another's anger.    

I can't make it to my group - what do I do now?
Call our office as soon as you know that you are unable to attend.  Please give us 48 hours - 2 business days notice so we can reschedule you. Refund policy: 3 weeks notice - full refund. Less than 3 weeks - we will reschedule you for any group offered in the calendar year booked.    

Are these classes accepted by Employers and Courts in Ontario?
After successful completion of a program we  will issue a Letter and/or a Certificate of Completion,  which is  usually accepted by Employers, the Ontario Justice Court System and the Ministry of Public Safety (probation services). Please call us with your questions.  We can provide additional information for your employer or lawyer or P.P.O. in advance of signing up for groups.  
Do you talk about PARENTING and anger?
Yes, we include materials, skills and strategies for helping angry children / teens and managing parent anger.  

Do you discuss anger - drug and alcohol use?

Sessions include alcohol & substance abuse awareness education and counselling. 

Do you offer Partner Assault Response (PAR) programs? 
Yes.  Call our office for more information.
416 901-4600

Where are you located? Click on link below. 

You can manage Stress, Conflict and Anger successfully.

Participants report that as well as resolving specific problems, they find relief and empowerment through their enhanced communication skills and new anger management strategies and techniques. 

Our Anger management courses provide a range of practical tools, skills and strategies.

Anger Help Groups 

One Day Intensive 
One Day Anger Management Class  

Who would benefit from this class? Anyone dealing with their own or another's anger. 

Info:   One Day Anger Management Intensive
Date:   Saturday MAY 12, 2018  
Time:  10:00 am - 4:00 pm 
            Doors open at 9:30 am

Fee:    Early Registration Fee is $298.00 
Includes:    Tax, FREE Certificate & Letter, Course      Materials, Workbook, FREE Parking.        $369.00 after May 6, 2018 

*We guarantee our class dates.
There are no hidden or additional fees.  
We price match to guarantee lowest fee.   

Need a rush appointment or more hours?  No problem, we can assist.  

Register Online or Call: 

416 901-4600

Employee Benefits - Insurance Accepted.


Employment Situation?  Personal Issues? Court Ordered?  We are here to help.      

Independent Google Reviews 
(Independent Google Reviews)

I found Julie through an extensive research for counselors and anger management professionals. My situation was work related where a colleague and I were on different terms and continued to clash. Being that it was a small workplace, I decided to seek out how to better handle the circumstances and came across Julie Freedman. She counselled me in conflict management and how to better manage my personal anger triggers. Finding her was by far one of the best things I've ever done. I'm now in better control of my outburst and have learned to to manage, identify and even control volatile circumstances I face regularly at work, home and in the general public. Thank you Julie! You are absolutely amazing. Anthony Peluso

My lawyer referred me to Julie Freedman. I didn't know what to expect and I felt nervous about attending an anger management group. The group was small and the discussions were actually helpful. My expectations were exceeded. I did come away with new approaches to handling conflict. Julie is very knowledgeable and professional. The letter she wrote was excellent and my charges were withdrawn in court. I highly recommend JulieTodd T. 

I wholeheartedly endorse Julie Freedman. Julie is a non-judgmental, kind and open-minded person who works to assist her clients in their personal development. Julie counsels from a person-centered approach in that she works with clients based on their needs, wants and personal goals. Julie's background is incredibly diverse as she has worked with people in conflict with the law, victims of crime as well as people in different stages of grief to assist people in turning their trauma into personal triumph. I will continue to support the work of
Ms. Freedman and heavily encourage anyone seeking truthful and considerate feedback and counselling to use her services. 

Lisa Mattina, John Howard Toronto

I highly recommend Julie Freedman if you need anger management. When I was charged, I called two other services who took a couple of days to call me back. But when I called Julie's office they responded right away.  We set up meeting the next day. Julie is very patient and professional. She has lots of experience and knowledge, she understands what courts require and what is personally beneficial.  I was really happy that after taking her program my charges were dropped. Thanks Julie.  
George P. 

I would recommend Julie for anyone who seeks professional help with anger management as I can testify that the classes have helped me immensely in my interpersonal relationships especially in my marriage. My wife herself is proud that she has seen much improvement in the way we communicate with each other. I know now that anger is something that can be controlled and can be channeled into something positive for the betterment of myself as a husband, father and as a person in general. Thank you Julie for teaching me all those skills that I did not know before. Great job. Keep up the great work!!!

Tyrone T.


Our office is located in mid-town Toronto.
We offer free indoor visitor parking.  
Free street parking.  We are a 5 minute walk to the Summerhill Subway Stop Yonge Line. 

Anger Management Quiz.
Do You or Someone you Know Have an Anger Problem?  Free Quiz.  

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Prefer Individual Sessions?  
Julie Freedman offers anger management coaching and anger management counseling. 
For more information call (416) 901-4600    


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