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Anger Management Toronto

Anger Management Toronto

Anger Management TorontoAnger Management Toronto

Employee Anger Management


Toronto's Preeminent Provider for Employers and HR

As Toronto's preeminent provider of conflict and anger management services, we look at your concerns like no one else. Julie Freedman and Associates offer anger management support and programs for the general public as well as government bodies, corporations, education sectors, employers, personnel, human resources, management, trainers, counselors and anyone dealing with their own or another's anger. We are a professional body of executive coaches, consultants, counsellors and trainers.  From individual support, workshops, seminars, custom made packages through to training and professional development, we offer something for everyone experiencing anger directly or indirectly.  


Executive Coaching


Julie Freedman and Associates are a recognized leader in anger management and executive coaching. We are proud to offer anger management coaching for those clients seeking a more customized and private experience for learning skills in anger management.

Anger Management coaching is ideal for corporate executives, physicians, attorneys, mental health professionals, nurses and hospital staff, law enforcement and fire department personnel, athletes, and individuals seeking one to one anger management/executive coaching.

We also offer Gender Sensitivity, Cross Cultural Sensitivity and Professional Boundaries education and coaching.  

Research shows that Executive Coaching benefits the entire organization since high level professionals are leaders, role models, and disseminators of organizational culture.

anger management in Toronto for employees

Employee Programs

 Julie Freedman M.A., R.S.W., PhD. (c) and Associates provide Employee Anger Management programs in a safe, supportive environment that fosters the learning of new skills and techniques. 


Studies have shown that stress, aggression and violence in the workplace increases absenteeism, reduces productivity, lowers morale and increases a company’s liability.


Employees who exhibit evidence of stress, anger or inappropriate aggression at work benefit from our accelerated 6 hour program. 


We utilize the best evidence based approaches in our individual coaching, counseling and educational group programs. 


Employee Benefits and Extended Health Insurance accepted.  Coaches, Counselors, Social Works and Psychologists are available.  

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We also offer Gender Sensitivity, Cross Cultural Sensitivity and Professional Boundaries  education and counselling. We are Bill 168 compliant.   

Julie Freedman, MA, MSW, RSW, PhD (c)  is a member of HRPA.