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Anger Management Toronto

Anger Management Toronto

Anger Management TorontoAnger Management Toronto

PAR Counselling


Private One to One Counselling

This is an individual PAR counselling program for men and women who have been violent or have been physically or verbally abusive towards a spouse/partner. The purpose of domestic violence intervention counseling is to help stop abusive and controlling behaviours. Participants are engaged in self-exploration and structured exercises to help them examine their beliefs and behaviours. They learn more appropriate ways to resolve family conflict; approaches that do not involve violence or threats.   When issues related to substance abuse or mental health are identified as intersecting with intimate partner violence they are addressed through the course counselling sessions.  Additional referrals for treatment and community supports may be provided.        

Advantages of PAR with Julie Freedman and Associates


Comfortable and therapeutic atmosphere

Counselling not in a group setting – able to focus on particular issues and concerns

Alcohol and substance abuse  awareness counselling and treatment  for addiction is integrated into session content

Flexible counseling schedule

Follow-up and maintenance support available  

Comprehensive reports are provided upon successful completion.

Partner Assault Response counselling in Toronto is conveniently located near the TTC and free visitor parking. 

All counselors are qualified PAR providers registered with their Professional Colleges.  They have Masters or PhD level education.

Contact: Julie Freedman (416) 901-4600

Health Insurance and Employee Benefits Accepted

We will assist with your insurance reimbursement.   


Please contact us via email or telephone with any questions you have.