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Anger management

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Anger Management Classes, Courses, Workshops and Support Groups

Who would benefit?  Anyone dealing with their own or another's anger. 

You will gain practical skills and strategies to manage Stress, Conflict and Anger successfully. 

Court Accepted and Bill 168 Compliant
Julie Freedman, MA, MSW, RSW, PhD (c) has been providing Up Front Counselling and Court Mandated Reports to Canadian Courts for over 18 years. She is a Registered member of the OCSW and HRPA.


One Day Anger Management Classes in March 2019
Date:     March 2, 2019 10 am-4 pm 

Date:     March  16, 2019 10am -4pm

Date:     March  30, 2019 10am-4pm

Date:     April 13, 2019 10am-4pm 

Info:        Call or Text  416 901-4600  Email  Julie@JulieFreedman.com
Place:     Oaklands Professional Suites, 315 Avenue Rd., Suite 5, Toronto M4V 2H2 

Fee:        $198.99 Early Registration Fee includes: TAX, Course Materials, Workbook, Certificate, FREE                  Parking.  *We guarantee our class dates - no last minute course cancellations.   Employee benefits & extended health insurance accepted.

Weekly Course  April 2019 

This anger management workshop is designed for anyone interested in exploring, understanding and transforming their anger.  What you will learn: to take charge of anger and use it constructively, discover the power of assertiveness, reduce stress and increase joy in your life, create goals and succeed.  

Join our small group one evening  a week  (7:00 pm -  10:00 pm)   Registration is open and ongoing so you can join at any time.  Choose to attend as many weeks as you would like to attend (1 - 4 weeks).

Registration Fee includes: TAX, Course Materials, Workbook, Certificate, FREE Parking. 

Register - Call 416 901-4600 or email Julie@JulieFreedman.com 


Weekly Anger Management Classes and Support Groups

We offer Anger Management for men, women and teens. We have been offering Anger Help for over 18 years.  Your satisfaction is assured.  We guarantee it. 

Julie Freedman, MA, MSW, RSW, PhD (c)   

Employee Benefits & Extended Health Insurance Accepted.  Rush Appointments Available.

Prefer Individual Anger Management Counselling, Telephone or Skype sessions?  Call  416 901-4600


Anger Management course

Frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Questions

 Are Anger Help classes suitable for someone seeking personal development?

Yes, many people attend an anger management class for personal or professional  development. Classes are helpful for anyone dealing with their own or another's anger.    


I can't make it to my One Day Anger Management class in Toronto - what do I do now?

Call our office as soon as you know that you are unable to attend.  Please give us 48 hours - 2 business days notice so we can reschedule you. POLICY: If you provide notice we will offer alternative class dates.   If you do not cancel and if you do not attend we cannot offer to reschedule you. We can also discuss anger management counselling in Toronto as an alternative option.     


Are these classes accepted by Employers and Courts in Ontario?

After successful completion of counselling our qualified Professionals (MA, MSW, PhD) will issue a Letter and/or a Certificate of Completion,  for Employers, the Ontario Justice Court System and the Ministry of Public Safety (probation services). Please call us with your questions.  We can provide additional information for your employer or lawyer or P.P.O. in advance of signing up for classes. Our anger management classes and individual counselling session reports are accepted by Employers (Bill 168 compliant) and Criminal and Family Courts in Provinces across Canada and in  the USA.


Do you talk about PARENTING and anger? 

Yes, we include materials, skills and strategies for helping angry children / teens and managing parent anger.  


Do you discuss anger and the impact of DRUG and ALCOHOL use?

Yes.  Sessions include alcohol & substance abuse awareness education and counselling. 

Do you offer Partner Assault Response (PAR) programs? 

Yes.  Call our office for more information. 

416 901-4600


Where are you located?  

315 Avenue Rd, Suite 5, Toronto, ON M4V 2H2, Please see our contact page for a detailed map, free parking information and TTC directions.  

How Do I Know If I Have an Anger Problem?

Try taking our Free Anger Management Test!  This Anger Quiz will score your ability to cope with stress, frustration and anger.  Ask us about our private one to one Anger Management Assessments for individuals and couples.  


We Offer Low Early Registration Fees

We guarantee our one-day intensive course dates.