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Anger Management Toronto

Anger Management Toronto

Anger Management TorontoAnger Management Toronto

Anger Management Resources

The Amygdala Highjack 

How to Stop Anger Escalations

Emotions and empathy

Understanding Empathy 

A Pathway to Deeper Intimacy and Communication

Communication and Conflict

The Power of Active Listening

Anger Management Resources for Couples.

Why Does Blaming Escalate Conflict?

Anger Help for Kids and Parents

How to stop an Amygdala Highjack

Breathing, Relaxing, Thinking!

Anger is a choice. 


The 4-7-8 Relaxing Breath Helps us to Reduce Stress and Cope with Anger.   

This method, pioneered by Harvard-trained Dr Andrew Weil, is described  as the Relaxing Breath.  It is the perfect, portable stress antidote, as it puts the practitioner in a relaxed state almost immediately. As Dr. Weil demonstrates, It takes almost no time, requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. 

Free anger assessment

free anger test

Confidential Anger Assessment


Everybody gets angry. But, how do you know if your anger is a real concern? This quiz will help you assess your ability to cope with anger and determine whether or not anger management is a problem for you.  This confidential self assessment can be done before a course and then after your course as a measure of your success in Anger Management counselling and education.