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Anger Management Toronto

Anger Management and PAR Counselling

Individuals, Couples and Families


Social work, psychotherapy and counselling services are offered through a confidential process set to your own pace and timing. 

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Employers and Human Resource Professionals


Professional Development. We utilize the best research evidence based approaches to improve assertive communication skills, anger management and Emotional Intelligence, E.Q.  

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Independent Google Reviews


We value feedback from those who attend our individual counselling, couple therapy, PAR counselling, employee programs and anger management classes.  

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Anger Management Classes


We offer affordable anger management courses, classes, workshops and support groups on a regular basis.  

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PAR Counselling


Partner Abuse Response counselling, PAR, is offered through  private one to one sessions in our Toronto office or via video conferencing.

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We offer alcohol and substance abuse awareness counselling and treatment for addiction through harm reduction or abstinence based approaches. Our anger management classes and PAR counselling includes substance use awareness content.  

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